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Recent content by Sashman

  1. Sashman

    humbuster cable and noisegate offset question

    A Humbuster Cable is not a guitarcable. You need a Humbuster cable when you connect the Axe III in 4CM.
  2. Sashman

    JCM800 2203x halfstack vs AXE FIII w/poweramp and cab

    First of all rules: Use your Ear, not your Eyes. Cliff has mentioned that several times.
  3. Sashman

    JCM800 2203x halfstack vs AXE FIII w/poweramp and cab

    The only thing I can say is: „I sold my Friedman BE 100 DLX with a matching cab and I never looked back!“ Together with my Red Sound Speakers, it’s the best and most versatile sound and setup that I ever had in more than 25 years of professional live and recording.
  4. Sashman

    Is the Mk I now a little outdated?

    I second that. Just for me, I don’t need the Full Res Cab. I don’t like to play with Headphones and when it comes to recording I would always ad my effects post recording. That’s meant, recording a dry guitar with full res IR and then add effects after recording. For my personal usage, I prefer...
  5. Sashman

    Build quality of the current Gibson guitars?

    I do not want to bash a company here but I did work for a local Luthier in Germany and we also did a lot repairs for local Music Shops. There is a reason why I personally prefer other companies.
  6. Sashman

    Wish More FAS Amps

    I would like to bring this up again. The FAS Hot Rod are my favorite Amp and I would love to hear Cliff‘s take on more FAS Amps. Thanks for bringing the Buttery back!
  7. Sashman

    Crazy Lixx

    For everyone who is interested. I did send Chrisse a message and he responded quickly to me (just awesome, many many thanks!) He did use the 1987 in the AX8 and for now he uses mostly the 50W Plexit and the Brit 800 with the ML Sound Labs IR. The IR is called :“The best IR in the World“ and it’s...
  8. Sashman

    Crazy Lixx

    I love that song for some reason... :-)
  9. Sashman

    Crazy Lixx

    Thank you Leon! I highly appreciate that, I will give them a try. I have done a preset with the 50W Plexi but I will try how close I can get. It seem that the secret is the right kind of boost etc. Thank you!
  10. Sashman

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00

    I can’t agree more on that! Well said.
  11. Sashman

    Crazy Lixx

    I just love this band and they dethroned Steefl Panther for this 80‘s sound for me. I know they are using Fractal Audio exclusive for live and recording. Has anyone a clue which amps and cabs they are using in the Axe? I can only guess it’s a Atomica, FAS Hot Rodded etc. I would love to see...
  12. Sashman

    from Friedman BE100 Deluxe to Axe FX III?

    Yes, I did compare them with both the CLR and the ASM and I ended up buying the Red Sound. There are many good speakers out there, CLR, Friedman, Xitone etc. and it depends on what you exactly want. I can't describe it better than Sukh. The CLR are absolutely great speakers and they are maybe...
  13. Sashman

    Red Sound Elis8 FRFR Review and MF 10 Comparision

    Glad that you found your perfect speaker! That’s the way to go, there is no right or wrong, or „The Perfekt Speaker“ that fits exactly what everyone needs. I know the Blueamps, I tried two of them, great speakers. Cheers Sash
  14. Sashman

    “Jesus, is there anything you people don’t bitch about”

    I fully agree. While artists are still playing with a Axe I, Axe II or Axe III MKI, Bedroomplayers complaining about having no Axe Turbo. When I’m scrolling through all the Threads here, people should spend more time in exercising, reading manuals and studying there Unit. That should bring way...
  15. Sashman

    from Friedman BE100 Deluxe to Axe FX III?

    The Red Sound Speakers sound great at low volume but they really shine and bloom up at higher volume. I use them for both, home and gigs/rehearsals. Cheers Sash
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