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  1. RevDrucifer

    FM9 - 2 possible bugs.

    I saw the name and immediately thought, "Oh shit, Randall's here to tell Cliff what he got wrong in the Mesa models!"
  2. RevDrucifer

    Some initial observations compared to HX Stomp

    I don't have any experience with the Helix stuff, but last night I was playing 3 different guitars through the same preset and each guitar sounds quite different than the other. Every difference was highlighted by the tones instead of being masked by them, which has long been a gripe of mine...
  3. RevDrucifer

    FM9 and FC12 Pedalboards?

    Hit up www.gomc.tv, they make custom pedalboards/cases. I don't believe they make risers, but you could definitely get a board from them that'll work for you and if you wanted to splurge, you could have them build you a roadcase for a few hundo extra. Not a bad investement for $2300+ worth of...
  4. RevDrucifer

    FM9 and FC12 Pedalboards?

    That'd be one heavy ass board! Especially if you're going to add some expression pedals!
  5. RevDrucifer

    How to model real amps?

    I've done it two ways- Recording the amp and then trying to dial in the Fractal to match it as closely as possible. I'll just track a DI along with the recorded amp sound, then keep AxeEdit open to tweak the DI until it's as close as I can get it to the amp. A couple months ago I brought my...
  6. RevDrucifer

    a burning dream

    I used to talk so much shit about their headstocks but after I finally played one I decided I wasn't going to anymore. Guitars that play that well off the shelf can have whatever damn headstock they want! (I still hate it though) That's one of the coolest finishes I've seen on one! I've got a...
  7. RevDrucifer

    Anyone else stalk the UPS driver??

    I had a guitar shipped to my office so it wouldn't be hit up by porch pirates. I run a large commercial campus and watched that driver float around the perimeter for about 2 hours before finally hitting the property on the opposite end of my office. I start getting excited, knowing in just a few...
  8. RevDrucifer

    Looking for feedback on my preset

    What kind of pickups/guitar are you using for this?
  9. RevDrucifer

    Rolling Stones- shady band security, never again.

    How did you confirm this, out of curiousity?
  10. RevDrucifer

    Go to amp models for 90’s Rock/Grunge

    I don't know what the original preset was called (now it's called PRS Fuck Yeah Man because I'm a child), but I found one in Live Gold that is PERFECT for my PRS, perfect in the sense that if I were in a cover band, I'd probably stay on that preset all night and cover all the ground I'd need...
  11. RevDrucifer

    FM9 Case?

    I'm doing a pedalboard/case from GOMC- https://gomc.tv/ Not the cheapest option, but I won't have many concerns about damage while it's in that case! Also adding wheels/handle to it so I can roll it around.
  12. RevDrucifer

    Common amp mods and their respective Amp Block parameters.

    I’ll send $50 to anyone who can accurately recreate the Bogner Snorkler mod in a JCM800!!!
  13. RevDrucifer

    Waitlist Email

    I have not experienced these “outstanding” issues myself. Just outstanding tones and convenience!
  14. RevDrucifer

    PANTERA - cowboys from hell

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