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Recent content by Dudeskin

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    Using old presets with updated FW?

    Hi all, Whats the deal with using older presets from the axechange with newer version of firmware? i want to see what they sound like, wondering if they will work at all, or just need tweaking but will be roughly right? some from FW10, some from FW19 but im now on Q3 cheers Joe
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    Has the Axe-FX II Achieved 99% amp modeling accuracy?

    coming back at this after 2 years out, i dont mind how close they are to a real amp. i care if i can get a good sound im happy with for what i want to use it for. id probably never find the sound im happy with even with the real amp, so im basically doomed haha
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    so, its been a while. would someone catch me up?

    awesome, so similar in term of layout and blocks? just better. ill be honest, its a little daunting starting completely from scratch after so long. ive forgotten most of it. haha. whats is quanum? is that the new numbering system? still based around patch numbers with scenes etc?
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    so, its been a while. would someone catch me up?

    Hi all. ive been away from all my gear stuff for close to 2 years due to shoulder injury, then moving into our house and having a baby. getting back into it now, im on fw 12 i believe. can someone kindly sum up what ive missed and where we are at now? seems like too much info to try and gather...
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    It's been a while. I'm on FW10. What do I need to know/ what to expect?

    Hi all. I'm feeling old fashioned. I've been away from the scene for a while and no idea what I'm missing out on etc. what should I expect from the new updates? I'm still so new to what to do that I thought I may as start again with my learning from an up to date version. Cheers
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    Setting up a cab so it's safe all the time.

    Cheers. I forgot that bit too. The thing I can't remember was something to do with setting the 'amp' level in the axe fx preset so that you can effectively turn the matrix up to max if the occasion calls for it but with no worries. Wish I could re meme this stuff haha.
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    Setting up a cab so it's safe all the time.

    Don't understand the move, this was an output axe fx thing. As far as I understand it.
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    Setting up a cab so it's safe all the time.

    Hi all Long time since I've been on here but I've just bought myself a Zilla 2x12 and I'm really looking forward to getting it. I remember that a friend from here showed me how to set up my matrix gt800 and axe fx together so that I could never put too much power through the cab. Can...
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    Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) README - Common Issues and Support

    sorry to bump an old thread, has anyone got any news on support for us on older systems?
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    feedback issues, can you have a look see?

    Cheers guys. Appreciate the help. I've just got the contact info for lace and will contact them tomorrow. As for the axe fx it's sat on too of the cab. I haven't got practice for a few weeks so it's hard to test that one at the moment. Very interesting though. Anything else I can do to check...
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    feedback issues, can you have a look see?

    sounds right to me, its in my 8 string. as far as i can see, then screw direct to the body. its a really tight fit so i cant see down too far and they dont move.
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    feedback issues, can you have a look see?

    thanks man, ive never heard of that before. ill be googleing the crap outta that in a min haha. the lace pickups are High quality but an odd design. Lace Music Products | Since 1979 - Lace Sensor electric guitar pickups, Alumitone, bass pickups, California Acoustic pickups - A pickup for any...
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    feedback issues, can you have a look see?

    Hi all. ive been meaning to put this up for a long time, but i always forget. so, i have my main patch that im mostly happy with. sounds really good through my studio monitors, and sounds nearly as good through whatever cab i might be using at the time at the practice room. now i know a lot...
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    Arch Enemy Cover with Marshall + TS808

    spot on dude, nice one!!
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    buying axe fx 2 help... new or used?

    No worries man, I just checked emails. No name that I can find. What's happening? If it's someone that wants a bank transfer cleared payment before you collect it. Don't. Even when I offered this guy cash and to be at his door in 50 mins he wanted bank transfer. Haha.
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