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Recent content by Crapshoes

  1. Crapshoes

    ML USA Djent vs Cab Pack 13 ML USA Bulb!!

    I do, I still regard that puddle as the deepest I have ever had the displeasure of encountering lol. I'd still do it over again though :D, although perhaps next time in my crapboots.
  2. Crapshoes

    ML USA Djent vs Cab Pack 13 ML USA Bulb!!

    Really really great work ML! Looking forward to trying this one out side by side with 13 soon.
  3. Crapshoes

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.00 Firmware Released

    I'm very much torn between updating now, or waiting for 5.1.....
  4. Crapshoes

    ML Sound Lab Dizzy V30 / SM57 + MD421 FW 2.04 Clearing off the spider webs!

    Sounds great man! Cool to hear the HBE v2 in a mix as well. Those Diezel IRs are crushing though, can't wait for this cab pack to release!
  5. Crapshoes

    Piezo into the Axe

    Been said a couple times already but I feel like I can add something so I will... On the guitar... Piezo selector set to center (blend mags and piezo), tone selector on split coils (center tone pot pushed). Gives you a cool mix of stratty / acoustic sound. Send a TRS cable to a stereo / mono...
  6. Crapshoes

    2x12 kills a 4x12?

    I'm really surprised at the focus of the Mesa 2x12. It's really hard to tell the difference without this kind of direct comparison. I wouldn't say I like it better necessarily, but it's more utility which is never a bad thing! Can't wait to start playing around with these.
  7. Crapshoes

    A Stylish Rack Case.

    Right, so this is a question of balance on my part. I'd like it to be nice and safe, but I'm not really flying it anywhere, so maybe shock mounting would be a bit much. I had it in a Gator 6u rack case previously which was cosmetically damaged in a car accident. It did it's job though, the Axe...
  8. Crapshoes

    A Stylish Rack Case.

    Thanks everyone, I've narrowed my search down quite a bit :D
  9. Crapshoes

    A Stylish Rack Case.

    That would be way cool considering I have a white cab! Hahah. Thanks man!
  10. Crapshoes

    A Stylish Rack Case.

    I'm looking to downsize from my gator 6u rack to a 3u. I'd like to get a nicer rack case this time, preferably one that looks rather aesthetically pleasing while still being safe for my hardware. All suggestions welcome! The only qualification is that it must fit the Axe and a Matrix Gt1000fx...
  11. Crapshoes

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.04 Firmware Release

    Did you go with hardline tubing? Please tell me your reservoir is full of pale green fluid... yknow, to match the axe!
  12. Crapshoes

    My guitar solo[YouTube video] for #Solocontest2016- MLSOUNDLAB UPCOMING 2X12 CAB-PACK

    Essentially you're taking note by note segments of a riff and snapping them to grid points in a DAW. Basically you'd play every note of the scale you want and then cut then at the start and end of each note and snap them to let's say 32nd note lines on your grid. That achieves not only perfect...
  13. Crapshoes

    FX-Loop Question (help)

    I was under the impression that the FX-Loop came out hotter than the instrument level signal being input originally, but if that's true then maybe my pedal problems have a different source. Thank you!
  14. Crapshoes

    FX-Loop Question (help)

    What would need to be done to the the FX-Loop to make it emulate an instrument level signal? For instance, if I wanted to have the guitar routed to the front 1/4" input how would I want to set the FX-Loop to try and match the level at that input? Is there a way to measure that and compensate for...
  15. Crapshoes

    My guitar solo[YouTube video] for #Solocontest2016- MLSOUNDLAB UPCOMING 2X12 CAB-PACK

    He also clearly doesn't understand how the riff building technique is done, you don't actually "speed up" the audio, and he's definitely not using midi. He should do some research before passing judgement.
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