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Recent content by boleary2

  1. boleary2

    Rhett Shull Axe-FXIII Review

    I have used just about every reverb, delay, multi fx processor that has been out in the last 20 years and the axefx is pretty dang simple. Ever tried getting around on a Lexicon PCM81 or Eventide SE..Digitech DSP 256XL, GSP2101, Intellifex, Boss GT5, VG88...blah blah...the axe is worlds ahead...
  2. boleary2

    Silent Running (Mike and the Mechanics) Solo

    btw..how did you get the edge of feedback tone?
  3. boleary2

    Silent Running (Mike and the Mechanics) Solo

    I love this. One of those solos I’ve heard so many times..and then suddenly i’m struck by the genius of it.
  4. boleary2


    something is wrong with this clip...i actually liked kirk's tone....
  5. boleary2

    Was featured by an influencer yesterday

    tastey! love the phrasing!
  6. boleary2

    Some Joe Bonamassa Blues with the AXE 3 + PRESET INSIDE

    Sounds awesome! as usual! has a Johnny Lang vibe to it too!
  7. boleary2

    Gary Moore "Still Got The Blues" played with my 1969 Les Paul Deluxe

    Sounds great! Makes me want a deluxe!!!!!!!!
  8. boleary2

    Guns N' Roses - Nightrain Solo + Slash Preset

    Great tone! And Dirk on the wall!!!
  9. boleary2

    Video - Updating Internal Firmware | FC-6 & FC-12

    yes. trying to update to 1.12
  10. boleary2

    Video - Updating Internal Firmware | FC-6 & FC-12

    yes the same instruction. done 3 time with no success.
  11. boleary2

    Video - Updating Internal Firmware | FC-6 & FC-12

    Hmm...I have tried multiple times on my FC6 and everytime I reboot...the firmware still remains 1.6. Have you heard of any issues with updating? I am on a M1 mac..I wonder if that is causing an issue...but I just updated the FM3 with no problems...hmmm...
  12. boleary2

    TNT Intuition Solo with preset and scales.

    Man! Great job Mark! Ronnie LeTekro is so under recognized/rated! Loved this! I need to go back and listen to "10,000 Lovers In One" too...killer solo and rhythm in that tune.
  13. boleary2

    Never got the love for the Divided by 13 amps. What am I missing?

    I have the real deal...master should be all the way up...there is no master on the amp....I do end up dropping low end as it is a "beefy" amp...it sure sits great in a mix though...I run FOH at my church and run the guitar players through it week to week and it is a joy!
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