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  1. austinbuddy
  2. gbarker
    gbarker fremen
    Hi -- new AX8 user here. I read somewhere that you converted the AXE FX presets to AX8 .... where can I buy those?
  3. USMC_Trev
  4. voodkale
    voodkale guitarnerdswe
    Hey mate.
    Since you are the god of Luke information, I have a question.
    Do you know how Luke achieves that clean plucking rhytm guitar on "These Chains"?
    Any tips on effects or setting used, or amps and guitar will be highly appreciated!
    1. guitarnerdswe
      Jul 14, 2017
  5. austinbuddy
    The 700+ Naked Amps Preset TonePack is almost ready for public release!
  6. SgtPatton
    Mesa MK IV & Dual Rectifier, Engl Powerball, Marshall JMP 2203, Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II, Strymon, Eventide & loads of analog pedals
  7. Luis Rey Cabrera Dimas
    Luis Rey Cabrera Dimas Glenn DeLaune
    1. Glenn DeLaune
      Glenn DeLaune
      Wow, that is my preset in that video??? Feel free to post that in the forums man. Thank you!!
      Jul 12, 2017
  8. alvaroedge
    alvaroedge mrtheedge2u
    Hi mrtheedge2u, would you mind to shre your u2 presets from your AX8? Thx
  9. Damon
    Damon USMC_Trev
    Your name caught my eye real quick! lol
    Semper Fi
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    2. USMC_Trev
      Jul 9, 2017
  10. Mr.RangoTango
  11. Thedge29
    Thedge29 IAN29
    Salut Voisin !
    J'habite à côté de Brest (plougastel) Fan depuis des années des sons de The Edge, je viens donc de me racheter à nouveau un AXE FX II pour pouvoir exploiter les packs d'edo. N'hésite pas à m'appeler quand tu as 5 min ça sera avec grand plaisir pour échanger sur ton avis du pack POP. A bientôt j'espère !!
    Gauthier 0630197524
  12. onebaldbloke
    onebaldbloke SiTheMon
    Fabulous work on the Men At Work song.

  13. cyberk9
    Guitarist, Producer and Composer @ Laughing Dog Studios..............................
  14. Randy Alanis
    Randy Alanis klaushouz
    you wouldn't happen to have a current promotion with BB's coming up anytime soon would you..? (it appears im late to the party)
  15. Will Schut
    Will Schut
    Fractal Artist
  16. craig clarke
    craig clarke AlGrenadine
    Hi Al
    Im new to FX8 and was wondering if there is anyway we can convert AX8 and ax fx2 patches to FX8 obviously just the effects blocks Thanks craig
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    2. AlGrenadine
      Jul 2, 2017
    3. craig clarke
      craig clarke
      Al can i use data from blocks to import manually to fx8? as I can't save blocks and import back to fx8 (obviously effects only)
      Jul 11, 2017
    4. AlGrenadine
      Good news my friend, g66 sent me a fx8, so i'll work on fractool/fracpad compatibility with fx8 asap :)
      Jul 12, 2017
  17. DalGuit
    I done did it... just ordered one
  18. Skanky
    Skanky jrh_67
    Hey - hope all is ok with your heart. Sorry to hear about that. I apologize for the late reply - somehow I never got notified. I ended up buying a pair of EV wedge/monitors with stands. Love them to death! They sound great to me, and are plenty loud for gigging.

    I appreciate the reply regardless. Take care!
  19. spx90
    spx90 2112
    I like to see your sharing
    you are a great man/musician !
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    2. 2112
      I'm happy that you enjoy the content :)
      Jul 2, 2017
  20. Lee Morunga
    Lee Morunga Eliju
    Please Save my life! lol