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Would be cool to get a model of the rockman x100

Dave Merrill

Yes, by design - I like the fuller low end. The Rockman always sounded too thin for me. So my preset is more my idealized version, not a 100 % authentic one
Understood. I hated the Rockman sound. Wouldn't call it thin as much as honky. Loved Boston the band, but did NOT like that guitar tone for myself.

So props to you for doing the thing!


Power User
Anyone have any demos from Fremen’s metal and Rock preset pack? His video is great but would like to see some more Demos if possible


Despite the tale being pretty stale by now, it still amazes me what Tom Scholz accomplished in a few years very much on his own: invents a totally new electric guitar sound, writes, produces, engineers, and to large extent, performs, a pile of original new music in his self built home studio in the mid 70s, gives the record company a basically finished product which turns into the runaway best selling debut album of all time launching subsequent successful albums and immediate headline touring, THEN, he proceeds to engineer, also very much on his own, a shitload of guitar related gear (including full blown realizations of stuff he'd invented along the way to help with his own work in the studio), which is arguably the forerunner of all guitar amp/fx modelling. Still quite the story despite excessive retelling. Purely in terms of guitar tone innovation, there's not many I can think of that stand up there with TS - (EVH, Iommi, Hendrix, Brian May, The Edge, EJ come to mind - EVH especially since, like TS, we was a technician/relentless tinkerer) in terms of inventing a guitar tone that is totally unique to what came before / not just taking something to the next level, but reinventing it. For those old farts like me that were big into rock guitar based music and in their mid/later teens when the 1st Boston Album landed in 76 - it really was from outer space and pretty special - at least until this monster arrived a couple years later:

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Little taste for you of "Clean 2" and "Dist".
I worked a lot on the compression and the "width" of the chorus. I was pretty surprised by the latter when I studied it.

Just saw this post... damn, your rockman tones are amazing! Can't wait to try out this patch. Will it be relased along the official FW 17 release?
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