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Would be cool to get a model of the rockman x100

I had a Rockman back in the day, and when some profiles showed up on the Kemper rig exchange I checked them out. They were pretty spot on, but also made it painfully clear that nostalgia ain't what it used to be.
Yeah, I had one for a while and loved it, but wouldn't ever have lumped it into something I wanted as "my tone".

Interestingly, I actually bought my ADA MP-1 (this was in the late 80s) from a dude who was switching his live rig to a Rockman (using that old rack adapter they sold). Apparently he ran that into a BBE sonic maximizer and said it was the best tone he ever had. I never heard it. Was just stoked I got an MP-1 from this decision.
I recently re-did all of my Rockman presets. They sound just like the X100!
They require user cabs on the FM3, so I'll share them as an incentive when we launch the new "Preset Cab Bundle" feature in FM3-Edit.
Preset Cab Bundle! Dingdingding!
That takes me back to sitting on the floor in front of my cassette player with my rock man practicing in the late 80's .I can still sit on the floor'its getting up that's not so easy :oops: sounds great
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Little taste for you of "Clean 2" and "Dist".
I worked a lot on the compression and the "width" of the chorus. I was pretty surprised by the latter when I studied it.

Man, that sounds like you could have been playing with Phil Collins on a scene from Miami Vice!
That sound takes me back!
I had a rockman.
AND I bought his half rack delay and eq as well to use with my live rig back in the mid 80's. It was pretty awesome. I remember using it with my Seymour Duncan Convertible amp through a Marshall Cab.
I check into some rockman forums now and again - amazing to see some of the restorations done from dissintegrating rockman stuff - still can't believe the brand has not been revived somehow to cash in on the nostalgia - some attemps here and there but not much.
Never got into the Rockman, but our other guitarist did. Between that and my MP-1-based rig, the tones were really great (for the time period.)
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