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What type of monitors are people using for the axe in a home practice situation


Power User
  • Genelec 8010 at my small room
  • Mackie HR824 at the big room (when wife is away)
  • Audeze LCD-2 headphones
  • Currently searching for a monitor for gigs (I used to have JBL EON15 - I am looking for something not to heavy)
2 ADAM A7X's at desk height (ear height) with Adam Sub 7 on floor
2 Yamaha HS8's angled up from the floor
All run through a Mackie Big Knob Studio+ and Furman M10XE Power conditioner (one switch turns the entire setup including Axe FX XL+ on).
I only play at home so this rig does me fine.


Equator D8 and Yamaha DXR10 - both stereo pairs.

For late night noises:

Sennheiser HD280 Silver
Sennheiser HD540 Gold
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x


Prosonus Scepter S6’s with Temblor T10 subwoofer and/or Atomic CLR’s

I like to run a dedicated output to the S6’s for things like rotary while keeping the dry to the CLR, really fills the room with a real rotary surround sound type experience.


I just got the Adams T7v's and I am really liking them, for louder situations I have the Xitone floor wedges.


Adam A7X here as well, very good monitors
I had a pair of CLRs earlier but way to overkill to use just at home and they were more noisy at low volume levels compared to my studio monitors.


Wow the A7X's are pricey... that's like another amp or something.. :( ...

I've been using the Wharfedale Diamond Pro 8.2a's for many years now,.. but they must have a bit of a bass boost to them as when I create presets using them, and then use that preset on site through FOH and IEM's ... they sound a bit midrangy and brittle ... all other program material sounds "normal" through them though....?

Been looking at the Yamaha HS7's or 8's...?

Finally got a CLR a couple of weeks ago,.. I'm really diggin' it for sure!


Fractal Fanatic
I have an TCF NX12SMA home now, but normally just play through my mixer to a pair of Presonus Scepter S8s. Great, accurate sound and louder than I ever play here. The patches adjusted on them translate well to the CLR, as well.
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