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What studio monitors are you using


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I’ve been using some Yamaha HS-5’s with a sub for the last 5 years and I almost changed them up a few months ago but chickened out. I finally got to the point where my mixes were around 98% of where I wanted them to be when listening on different speakers and I know if I changed, I’d have to learn new speakers/speakers in my room all over again.

I’m going to wait until we move and I build my next studio to change. My current studio is in a 12x12 room, the next studio is going to be a converted barn that will be considerably larger. Genelec’s have been calling my name for some time now, but I’ve got some time to explore before the move happens.

York Audio

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ATC makes incredible stuff. They’re on the pricy side, but you get what you pay for. They’ve got amazing detail in the midrange and have defined bass and an articulate natural top end. When your mix sounds good on them, it tends to translate well on other sources because they aren’t hyped and you get out what you put into them.

Runner up would be Focal. A few of my friends have them and they sound great. They’re slightly on the hyped side, but not as much as some other brands mentioned in this thread.

We all have different preferences. Personally, I’m worthless with a hyped monitor because I tend to make poor decisions when a system has too much bass, not enough midrange, or too much airy top end.


Iloud mtm
Do you like them? I have the Iloud micro monitors. I think they sound pretty good, but have been thinking about upgrading to the MTM. They are quite a bit more expensive, and I am wondering if they are worth the extra money.


Do you like them? I have the Iloud micro monitors. I think they sound pretty good, but have been thinking about upgrading to the MTM. They are quite a bit more expensive, and I am wondering if they are worth the extra money.
Me too i ve the micro monitors.. It depends on the use.. Obviously mtm is an improvement but for my needs micro are enough.. I have a small unthreated room.. But if i had a studio like the first picture surely i d bought the mtm


Yeah, my room and desk are very small. I could fit the MTM on my desk, but I don't think any traditionally sized monitors would fit. I just use them for music, and playing through my AF3. I don't record, so MTM is probably overkill. Of course the AF3 is overkill, but that didn't stop me LOL
I ordered a set of the Kali IN8s this week because the amp I use for my Audix monitors died again. I was tired of buying older amps and having them die in a few years. Yes I use Bryston if I can find them.

I tried the Neumann, the Dynaudio Lyd8, the HS8s, the Sceptor 8s, and the Focal Alpha 80 as well. The Kali IN8 really did sound killer in my room and with the Axe Fx III. The Focal sounded the worst in my room and was tubby, the Neumann H120 was a close second, followed by the Dynaudio Lyd8. I was never an NS10 fan so I wasn't surprised with the HS8. The Sceptor sounded really good as well, but the high end seemed a little hyped for what was really going on so I felt I would want to cut too much in the mid-high/high end.

The one thing that I have to share is that I also got the Sonarworks SoundID room correction software and all I can say is WOW!! My JBL LSR32s never sounded better in my well treated room. If you ever wondered about it, don't, just get a copy totally worth the price!



Hey Folks,

I have JBL LSR 4328 's and the 4312 sub. They are pretty nice, but too mid rangey for me. I need to scrounge up some cash for new monitors. The JBL's have this "RMC" room correction software that is supposed to make up for a poorly setup room. I don't really know how well it works, but it makes great noises while it runs.

I also use a pair of Paradigm stereo speakers as mix down tests. They are really nice home stereo speakers. I listen to music through them - much nicer to listen through than the JBLs. I also have an old pair of JBL L-100's that make great mixdown speakers. They are currently set up in my woodworking shop. I love those speakers. Had them since college.
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