What are you listening to right now?

WOW! Some (if not all) of the tracks in this video are absolutely amazing. Ten out of ten. I am more of a blues/rock fan by nature but I am blown away by this performance.
The kettle is on, and the YT video has been converted to MP3 and will now be playing in a minute or so as I sand grain filler from my Les Paul project guitar. Good music makes the day go much better.
I commented on a post on Youtube that was doing a demo of some cool FM3 tones (FRACTAL FM3 IS BRUTAL by Alex Pearson) where I said reminded me of The Hellecasters.

Gentlemen, may I present some of the finest Telecaster playing for your appreciation. Enjoy.

Several years ago you could go into a Starbucks and pick up a wallet-sized card with a code to download a free song from iTunes. I made it a point to go by at least weekly because I discovered some great music that way.

Here's one from Mavis Staples I would never have known about, "You Are Not Alone".


Alright, not exactly this - but...

I'd always had an awareness that there was this thing called a 'Frank Zappa' but my knowledge was very limited. For reasons I'm not totally clear on, other than it involved brown liquors, I started investigating the Zappa phenomena and came to this video.

A lot of his stuff, yeah, I get it but not totally my bag, but this. Woah.

What I am, and have been listening to - repeatedly - is the album Joe's Garage. Again, end-to-end, woah.
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