What are you listening to right now?


This thread is on a few other boards so I thought it would be cool to have one here.

Post what you're listening to today (a link of some sort helps others to check it out). Hopefully this thread helps people find a new favourite band, song or tone.

I bought 5 albums off bandcamp today (no I didn't wait for BC Friday - I meant to buy these a while ago...)

Acolyte. Hard to categorize. Kind of a cross category modern metal meets synthwave sort of thing. Concept album. I've been digging it. Nice break from my usual.

Pure Reason Revolution - The Dark Third. Sort of the same thing, not my usual heavy music, but when I'm at work, I'm usually listening to more progressive rock than metal.

Currently listening to Sleep. I was out earlier today taking a walk, and when doing so I have a rule that if I'm somewhere close to home and a new song starts playing in my headphones I continue strolling around until it's over. Today that song was Dopesmoker by Sleep. A song that's 63 minutes long. Luckily it wasn't raining or snowing.

Right now listening to Sleep's Holy Mountain. Good stuff.

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