What are you listening to right now?

Man, Leppard were on such a compelling arc of music. Then they met Mutt Lange. ;)

Kind of funny that I don't hear his heavy-handed production style on High 'n' Dry.
Maybe he was a different producer in 1981 than he was in 1983 and 87. Love this era,
where the guitars are still sounding like guitars and have a rawness to them that they
completely moved away from in subsequent al;bums.
This thread is on a few other boards so I thought it would be cool to have one here.

Post what you're listening to today (a link of some sort helps others to check it out). Hopefully this thread helps people find a new favourite band, song or tone.

I bought 5 albums off bandcamp today (no I didn't wait for BC Friday - I meant to buy these a while ago...)

You sir, have some excellent taste. The Nil album is sweet and that quicksand album slaps
I’ve been enjoying Tom Bukovac.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that Trip The Witch project from Dean DeLeo. Remember him talking about it on Tone Talk

Just bought. Enjoying it very much. Definitely hear the mellower side of the STP influence.
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I finally got around to setting my turntable back up. First record played was Jean Michelle Jarre's Oxygene.

I think it's about time I actually open my sealed copy of Blackstar. (I've heard it, but not the vinyl.)
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