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Vibrolux G3 with the new IR is just....RIDICULOUS!!!


Fractal Fanatic
I would love to have one of the EV cabs done with Mic+DI . Like the EVL 12 or the 4X12 cab. Any of them.

Wonder if that will happen?

The new Bludo Mix 1x12 (F011) is voiced pretty close to an EV. For me, it works quite nicely with the D-style amps. It has a more open top end than most EV IR's I've tried, which is probably what I like about it.


The IR rabbit hole has bothered me for a long time.

I never got used to the weird resonances and I guess the exaggerated difference between cabs. Cabs that people love seemed weird with my setup. It seemed that most people had exactly the same problem, but each found a DIFFERENT IR that worked for them.

After MONTHS, I eventually found two 4x12 IRs that worked for me. (One of the UR Ownhammer Marshall CB v30en IRs and one of the UR Mesa v30en IRs).

I messed around with the slope in the amp block, and made a few cablab mixes of the two IRs, but after that, I've been kinda reluctant to mess around with it. It took me long enough to find a way out of the rabbit hole last time!

As far as I know, Kevin has no plans to use this technique as he said his whole philosophy is about keeping the colouration rather than removing it, which is fair enough! I really like some of the IRs he's produced so I'm not going to question his methods.

However I would LOVE to do an a/b comparison between my existing favourite ownhammer IRs and versions compensated for di/preamp.

Anyway I guess I'll have to do some comparisons once the FAS 4x12s are updated and hope there's something containing v30 ENs!

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