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vh new song


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The new tune sounds pretty cool...I found another youtube clip where the phone camera is closer to Eddie so you can hear him better. It must be 140dB where those phone cams were heh.


I think the song is weak lyrically, but it's awesome to see those guys on stage again and I can't wait to hear the new album. DLR still sounds like he has a little life left in his vocals.


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The lyrics (printed online) are actually quite witty when you see what he is actually saying.
Cool song that will get tons of airplay. I'm sure there will be some hard rocking tunes on the new CD.


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Can't wait to get the album.... Glad to see Eddie looking much better even if he's put on a couple pounds. must be all that damn poundcake !! :p


I was a huge Eddie fan growing up. Im glad he looks to be a bit healthier. The videos posted look and sound like "old Van Halen" havin fun again!


I think the video is meant to be deliberately dorky. The film of Alex playing running in reverse? I think this is a spoof on the "Jump" video, and is just them having fun - designed so you'll pay attention to the song, instead.


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Van Halen 5150 is what turned me on to guitar at 15. I have always been a fan of Diamond Dave era and quite enjoy the senseless fun, energy infused stylings of the early years. Lyrically: true, he's no leonard cohen...but I honestly never pay attention to the lyrics when listnening to VH! quite excited to hear some new material.
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