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Using a TC Elec G system for midi changes

Mike J

New Member
Hi there. I'm thinking about purchasing an FM3, but before I make the plunge I want to make sure I can use it the way I would like to. My plan is to have the FM3 in a sliding drawer in a rack (away from drunks & beer) and use my TC G system as a midi foot controller.

My query is this, the G system sends PC commands and CC commands, but the only CC commands it can send are either 0 or 127 (ie. either on or off). As I understand the manual, using CC commands to change scenes within a preset requires the CC commands to be able to send specific control numbers, therefor using CC's are out for changing scenes. Again as I understand the manual, you can also change scenes using PC commands and midi mapping. Now I get to my actual question; can the same PC numbers be used to change scenes across multiple presets? To explain, the G system has 15 usable buttons. I would like to set the bottom 5 buttons for 5 different presets and then use 8 of the upper buttons for scene changes. The intent is that I can be in preset 1 for example for a full song and use the upper 8 buttons for gapless scene changes. I might then move to preset 2 or 3 for the next song, but I would still be using the 8 upper buttons sending the same PC numbers for the scene changes. Will the 'ignore redundant PC message' function enable this scenario to work, or will using the same PC changes for scene changes across multiple presets cause issues?
I know I can purchase a new midi controller, but I don't want to as I find the G system buttons and spacing suit my clumsy feet perfectly.

My apologies for the length of this post, but I couldn't think of a simpler way to ask a fairly complex question.
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