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"The Sound In Our Heads"


I made a 5150 preset for the chords, and the "Bulb Rhythm/Lead" preset with modified delay time to match the song for the leads. Bass wasn't through the axe fx shamefully. The intro is also a clean preset I made with a touch of chorus which isn't really noticeable


sweet man, i'm kinda interested in the tones used, anyway we can download those?

Not yet, my tones are heavily influenced and helped out by a couple of guys Chris Martinelli and Jon Caywood, so much so that I would feel bad sharing the tones online lol, But Caywood does have presets on AxeChange if I remember.

Don't worry at some time when I'm happy with my tones and I feel they are my own unique sound I will upload them though, it's just a work in progress. Sorry to disappoint for now, hope that helps in some way anyway


Sounded great!

I love the way that those PRS Holcombs play, but i have a had time getting along with the bridge pickup in that guitar for some reason.

Both those guys you listed are MONSTERS! I really hope Chris/Jon get a project going. Love the stuff they post on Soundcloud.
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