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misha mansoor

  1. DTS

    Misha Mansoor Rig

    I am a big Periphery fan and love their guitar tones. Now, that I have had my FM3 some time, I decided to build a dedicated rig for myself to cover some of Periphery/Misha Mansoor tones. I have 7 Scenes to play with and in this clip I used the main tones: Suhr Badger, Friedman BE and PVH 6160...
  2. LucasLeCompte

    I Did a Cover Of Misha Mansoor's Part in Jared Dines Djent 2020

    Jared Dines (youtuber music comeadian) has been doing yearly djent video. Well this year he invited a bunch of people to be in the video with him. I loved Misha part in the video so much I had to do a cover of it. It is basically Skibidi from the band Little Big in Djent form. I used my...
  3. Scias

    "The Sound In Our Heads"

    I made a 5150 preset for the chords, and the "Bulb Rhythm/Lead" preset with modified delay time to match the song for the leads. Bass wasn't through the axe fx shamefully. The intro is also a clean preset I made with a touch of chorus which isn't really noticeable
  4. Scias

    "Breaking The Covenant" with ENGL models

    XL+ with the Savage head going through the German Boutique for the rhythm tone
  5. LucasLeCompte

    Axe Fx III Making an Appearance on Periphery's Latest Studio Update

    Thought this was cool. Saw this during the latest studio update when the guys were tracking guitars. Now if we could only get our hands on that patch...........

    2018 Amp Sim Plugins: JST Misha Mansoor & Neural DSP Fortin Nameless

    If you haven't heard of these yet I'm not sure where you've been. :) YouTube has plenty of clips featuring both. My video pretty much covers it but to those who can't watch the video right now. There were two amp sim plugins released quite recently. One of them is the JST Misha Mansoor plugin...

    Does the Axe-Fx III djent?

    I believe it does: I recorded this song two days after getting the Axe-Fx III with THE BEST IR IN THE WORLD which you'll find for free in this thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/the-best-ir-in-the-world-free.137347/ Good buddy Misha sent me "GetGood Drums Modern & Massive" to try...
  8. Hamer90

    Periphery - 22 Faces (FW Q9.04) PATCH INSIDE!

    PERIPHERY - 22 FACES (GUITAR COVER). STUDENT ARSENIY TRIFONOV Training period: 2.5 years from scratch I always said that the main goal of my teaching activity is to supply the student with such knowledge, skills and abilities that will provide them with full independence in the performance of...

    The ML Black Friday is HERE NOW!!

    All ML Cab Packs are now bundled into crazy value deals. All packs are pretty much 60% off. You guys have been asking for this for years. Fractal Audio and ML finally went for it. Check it out! http://shop.fractalaudio.com/Cab_Packs_ML_Sound_Lab_s/69.htm Notes: 1. "ML Misha Mansoor Bundle"...
  10. Teej

    Periphery's Prototype Peavey Cabs

    Misha and I talked about his rig yesterday before their Milwaukee show at a meet and greet. I asked him why he has switched to the Peavey cabs, and his reply was simply "because they are f***ing awesome." Peavey built him a 2x12 that has a V30 and a Creamback, and a cab that only does sub...
  11. Red Room


    Hi guys! I`ll just post it here. Hope you like it! Because i do:)

    Misha Mansoor and I bring you: ML Zilla

    THE PACK IS FINALLY OUT! GET IT HERE: http://shop.fractalaudio.com/ML_BULB_ZILLA_UltraRes_Cab_Pack_p/fas-801-0028.htm We really wanted to get the message across as accurately as possible so we spent all our proceeds from Cab Pack 13 on a TV ad. Sadly we could only afford a company that's known...
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