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The GeFilter!


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I know they've always told you selfishness was wrong

Yet it was for me not you I came to write this song


i have to say, i really like alex in this. his acting is pretty good!

top band and they always look like they're having a real blast, too


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Great show and tour. We were fortunate enough to see them at Red Rocks, Houston, and Austin. Seeing Moving Pictures and especially "The Camera Eye" was worth the price of admission.


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It always amazes me how Youtube can get away with putting a whole Concert up there without any ramifications. I guess this is the modern day marketing mechanism.

Rush was one of those bands for me that was one of the pivotal reasons why I started playing guitar. Back in the day the music was easy to learn, so that was your teacher, before youtube of course.


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highlights for me were the Camera Eye and the Working Man solo. Great Stuff! Seen them several times in the UK since A Show of Hands. I never manage to get a seat where the guitar sounds as good as I hoped; don't know if it's the mix or the venue. Maybe one day we'll be able to get a headphone mix a la Metallica in Antarctica


"The last time someone touched my sausage I had to get married!"


Alex was hilarious (as was Geddy).


Was at that show as I've been at every show they've played here. Fantastic band, amazing talent and they've never taken themselves too seriously. Well maybe in the kimono robe era..but I digress.
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