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  • When something like this happens, it's usually caused by either a MIDI device (probably the MFC-101) sending MIDI data that's turning down the parameter, or by the Axe-FX having a parameter that's tied to a CC# that's not there. The fact that you get sound when changing the source to "none" confirms that this is probably happening.

    Make sure your expression pedal is still sending CC7 messages.

    Also make sure your MFC isn't configured to send a CC value (such as "0") when you change presets.

    Also, backups are always a good idea. :)
    SUCCESS!!!!! I was able to successfully install the 10.5 upgrade, here's what I did. I deleted my axe edit and reinstalled but then I found I did not have all the 5 pin midi cables I needed to use the midi sport into the axefx. The E-mu 1x1 cable will not work. I cannot get it to feedback loop. But I was able to backup and sync all banks. So I uninstalled my midi ox and reinstalled w/ updated drivers. Then went from computer into the Midi sport 2x2 into the axefx and the download went thru the 1st time. Alls well that ends well, I guess. I found some comfort and motivation, in spite of my frustration with all of the cables and usb/midi devices etc.. in Scott Petersons post on another topic about using the axefx and I quote: "ENJOY THE JOURNEY" Thanks Scott...................
    Axe Edit, nothing but trouble. Connected USB>midi in/out > AXE FX. I have a MIDI SPORT but w/midi out only. I need midi in/out for the axe edit right? Maybe a midi/usb interface could be offered that connected on rear of axefx midi in/out that would allow user to just connect USB from computer for all future upgrades. Enough cables & settings nightmares. I love my Ultra but the midi/usb interface is proving to be a nuisance. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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