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Testing Q7.02 with the new OwnHammer 'Core Tone Bundle'


Power User
Hey guys,

The tones I've been getting with Q7.02 are just insane so I really had to make a video.
OwnHammer has also just released the new 'Core Tone Bundle' which is an insane pack.
Can't get enough! :)

It's a basic rock tune with 4 different types of tones:

-Clean tone with the 65 Bassman and the OH 112 DVRB FN-AXA
-Clean tone with the AC20 and the OH 212 VC30 BLU-93
-Big rock guitars with the Recto 1 Red and the OH 412 RECTO V70
-Big middy rock guitars with the Corncob M50 and the OH 412 MR82 M75

LOVE the new Motordrive....

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