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Stone Temple Pilots?


Anyone have a preset for STP?

I know he used a dual amp set up (Vox/Demeter) with some chorus as well. I'm gettting in the ballpark. Wondering if anyone else has. My band has an upcoming all STP song set, and I'm really trying to nail it.



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I had some good luck with the Recto Red believe it or not, for stuff from Core, for some of the other stuff I used a Vox. There is a video of a guy running through the Demeter, and I could get the Recto Red right there.


What songs are you doing? STP is my favorite band so a lot of my favorite tones are inspired by Dean.

The first album is pretty much his live rig that he's had for 30 years, which is the Demeter preamp and Vox AC30. The later albums are all kinds of different amps, typically vintage, often small.

What I'm doing now is running a rig with a 5153 Blue and an AC20, both running into the same cabinet (a 2x12 with Greenbacks). The 5153 is set pretty saturated like the Core stuff and the AC20 is set for cleans. Then I'm using a King of Tone pedal to push the AC20 into overdrive for more of the vintage overdriven stuff like Interstate Love Song.

For effects, I like a little of the pitch block detune to widen up the sound to cop the Core era. You may want to try that instead of a chorus for Plush which might be too mushy sounding. That effect I believe is a Rocktron Intelliverb and I wouldn't doubt if it's modulated delays instead of straight chorus. I've been meaning to play with the multi-delay effect to see if I can get closer. Otherwise you probably only need a little slap back delay for some of the more classic rock stuff.
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