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Show us your MFC setups! (post your pics)

Little Gator and boss wl50 update :D
As promised, here is my MFC-101 Temple Audio Pedalboard:


3rd Expression Pedal is coming soon....

Pedalboard is a Temple Audio Duo 34 in Gunmetal

Pedals are:
- Lehle Mono Volume
- Mission Engineering SP1 - BK

The MFC is mounted with 4 Large Temple Audio Mounting Plates.
The Lehle (my guitar volume pedal - between guitar and Axe-Fx) is also mounted with 2 Large Plates.
The Mission is mounted with 2 Medium Plates and connected directly to the MFC

The cables are all connected to Neutrik D-System connectors with the Temple Audio Micro- and Mini- Modul Plates from top to bottom:
1 - PowerCon (mainly for the Lehle) <blue>
2 - Guitar cable: Board -> Axe-Fx <red>
3 - XLR FasLink: MFC -> Axe-Fx <orange>
4 - Guitar cable: Guitar -> Board <black>

MFC Labels are from Stomplabel.de via G66.eu and KickTags from ZenRigs.

All connectors and plugs are Neutrik PX, XX and D-Norm.

Cables are all Sommer Cable:
- Colonel Incredible and The Spirit XXL for guitar
- Galileo 238 for TRS and XLR cables


The Stage 5 is great...but....no access to underneath hence..the duct tape under the right Exp Pedal.
(I have another Fractal pedal...but the misson had the On/Off so I can use it as a wah.
Well placed Tie Wraps hold the rest in place...lol...and a LOT of Industrial velcro
Kyo MFC.png
I don’t put labels on my MFC, as it’s still subject to change and I can memorize which is for what.
I always create preset for each song, and I practice 3 or 4 songs in a rehearsal in my band, so I need 4 Preset switches to
quickly change the presets.
Some songs need intelligent pitch shifters in different keys, so Scene switches are used for that application.
As I like to engage FXs impromptu, I made the remaining switches for instant access switches.

I love how MFC has so many switches – looks like controllers of Bradshaw systems I dreamed of!
I copied this setup from a member (I think Sascha from stomplabels.de )

View attachment 58525

The case is a stagg case with a 1cm wood plate screwed on the bottom of it. The MFC is screwed in (removed the bottom plate, screwed it into the case/wood then re-attached the unit, as are the mission peda's (for those I used bicycle chainlinks). The MFC feet are now on the bottom of the case.

Total costs for materials: Eur 55, which I think is a very good deal.
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