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Show Us Your FX8 Rig!


My updated pedalboard for 2019. With this basic setup I can go in front of my amps, power amps or go direct, with digital or analog cab sim. Also, I can record on the fly whenever I want and I can jam or study silently. I can do Mono, dual mono, stereo, Wet/Dry, Wet/Dry/Wet or even go to 6 amps at the same time without any phase or ground issues. I can do serial and parallel setups and tons of things I can't even think of. I was thinking about buying an Axe III but with this thing I'm quite happy.


Rob Jacobs

New Member
Hey Bread...I have a new FX8 and wanted some advice on the Talkbox hookup. What is the best way to hook up the Banshee Talkbox where you can run the effect through the FX8 for delay, modulation, etc....



Updated my rig.

--VHT Pittbull Ultra Lead
--MesaBoogie OS rectifier 4x12
--PRS 2010 Mira (core)
--FX8 markII - TrailerTrash PedalBoard fitted for FX8



Coulda sworn I posted mine but apparently it didn't take. So here we go again. Carr Mercury V 16w amp, Roland EV5 (for wah), Boss FV50 (plan to upgrade that - not very smooth) and an EHX Mel9. Love the Mel9, spooky sounds!


Latest version of my FX8 board. MIDI to Disaster Area DPC-5 so my presets and scenes choose different drives and combinations of them. The Buxom Boost is getting a lot of attention...beginning to replace my old standby Tim/Timmy pedals. BB and Koko make a great hi gain sound. IMG_3224.jpeg
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