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Sell me on dual amps


Fractal Fanatic
Have always been a single amp guy, but I got on the FM9 waitlist, mainly for the extra switches and pedal inputs.

Tell my why I would want to bother with dual amps/cabs? Back in the amp days, I'd never have done this. Even in the OG AXE-FX/2 I was still using single amps (did we even have a two amp option back then, I don't remember lol)

Y'all do one amp left and the other right, maybe with different effects, for some wide sounds? Or just to get the secret tone you're after?
You can morph between amps which absolutely is a great option for having used this on axe fx 2

Joe Bfstplk

Almost anything can be done many different ways in any Fractal product.
Tried it your way to see how it sounded. Curiosity is the Achilles' Heel of the feline.

Seems to sound a tad more organic than mixing behind the amps, so it is worth it to set up and keep track of two VolPan blocks.

leopard in box.jpg
Thanks for making me think outside my box!

Got a lot of presets to re-do, but then, recent events were going to do that to my world anyway....


So I havent gone through all of the factory presets on the FM9 yet since I jsut got it but so far it seems none of the ones I have tried are using dual amps. Do any of them have dual amps?
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