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R.I.P David Bowie - Passed away. A cool dude and then some.


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Woke up to this terrible news. One of the greatest artists of the modern era. He influenced so so many musicians and creative artists in all fields. His music is still relevant today. Such a jarring change of events, I was just reading about and anticipating listening to his new and now last album. He will be forever missed.


Brave, mercurial, incredibly influential , brilliant til the end, and a stunning loss. Viewing the new video Lazarus now is powerfully disturbing.


Heard this on the morning news. Huge loss to the music world. I was never a huge Bowie fan but when I see clips of Ziggy Stardust from the 70s with Mick Ronson on guitar, it was just epic. Rest in peace David Bowie.


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Can't get through a Christmas without watching the video of David Bowie and Bing Crosby sing Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth. When we're decorating the tree, I always play Christmas songs and this one is always a must play.

Heard an interesting story about their collaboration. Apparently David Bowie didn't like the song Little Drummer Boy, so instead, he decided to sing Peace on Earth. Either way, the end result was absolutely brilliant!!
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