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pop power cycle ax fx


Sort of related, does anyone know if the pop can damage speakers or headphones? I always unplug my headphones before turning it on or off, but sometimes I forget.


It's a large power spike. If the amplification chain is set to particularly high volumes, yes it can. In the case of headphones, it would have to be set deafening, and the Axe seems to generate a softer pop than many other pieces of equipment I've used.


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Turn the speakers off/on first/last.
This is as much of an accepted rule in amplified anything... speaker power goes on last when powering up, and off first when shutting down.

If you find yourself doing this a lot, you might consider a sequential type power switch. Carvin makes one such relatively unit, see here: AC120S Power Conditioner – Carvin Audio This unit turns on each item on a few seconds after the one before, which will help with those spikes. Put speakers last in the sequence. Flip one switch, and each start is delayed a couple of seconds, helping minimize the the possibility of amplifying startup spikes.


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It's terrible, i forget sometimes and it's like getting kicked in the balls. I just unplug my monitor from the wall then turn off.. thinking about making a footswitch to do it for ages.


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The XL+ has semi-automatic pop suppression. It's automatic on power on. If you turn down the Output Level knob before turning the power off it will activate the power off suppression. Even if you don't the pop is somewhat suppressed as the there are output clamps that activate when the voltage drops below a certain threshold.


I used to forget to do that, and yeah, it'll make you shit yourself if you have set loud enough. I finally developed a habit of turning off the speakers first. Probably out of fear.


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New to the XL+, but did notice it was dead silent when starting and connected. I didn't know there was something new causing that. Nice work, guys!


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I understand that monitors off before the ax fx I would avoid these problems, the problem is that sometimes we forget and pop sounds terrible.We have bad habits that we should try to change.
I know if this can damage the headphones, speakers if damaged.
When I upgrade to ax FW18 to turn the tweeter is damage on a monitor and the power stage treble on the other monitor
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