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Poll - What cabs do you want?


For the Voxy fans out there, the VX15 112 Blue was just released. Based on a GREAT sounding Vox handwired AC15 with an English made Alnico Blue. Here's a little clip I posted in the master thread, but thought some people here might be interested in it as well. It's on introductory sale at www.yorkaudio.co for $14.99 at the moment. I can't wait to hear what you guys do with it!

I used the AC30TB model with stereo delay and reverb and think it sounds pretty great! I set the low cut to around 120 and that's it.

Sounds great! Man, I am such a sucker for Vox stuff. Definitely picking this up.


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Yeah, sorry. We have a lot of Marshall options and other common ones. I have yet to find a fully satisfying Dumble 2x12, G12-65 based cab. Or a 4x12 with them, either.


An enhanced and optimal revamp of the 70's Fanes: Either the Lynch Super V12s or Celestion Lynchbacks in a 4X12 that gets all the focus, expansiveness and midrange nuance out of them at any amp gain setting, and the high end clarity that is crisp yet smooth.
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Since I've discovered that my tastes and ears really love the G12H30 and I've had good results with IRs of that speaker in both Marshall and Orange cabs (as well as the "special" one in your Matchless pack), it would be great to have something with the G12H30 from you.
I just picked up the CabIR.eu G12H30 Orange 4x12 cab pack. Damn, it sounds good. 1971 vintage with pulsonic green backs
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