Poll - What cabs do you want?

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Hello friends,

As we close out a decade and enter into a new one, I’m excited about things to come and would love your input on some stuff.

I’m sitting on a mountain of cabs at the moment of all shapes, sizes, ages, and tonalities and wanted to see what YOU think should be the next pack(s).

I already have a sketch of what I’d like to do, but I’m curious if you guys are wanting something I’ve got lower on my list. So you’ve got choices and three votes to cast in case there are more than one that you’re really wanting and can’t commit to just one... believe me, I’m a cab junkie... I get it. And if you have other requests, go ahead and post about them. I may already have some of that stuff too. ;)

So vote and discuss. Let me know what you think, and Happy New Year to you all.

The IR realm is tragically short on Weber Speaker IRs.

Redwirez has their Blue Dog 12", and Ownhammer has their Blue Pup 10" in their Bogner 4x10. I have their excellent P12NT in my '66 Deluxe if anyone wants to shoot it as well as their Grey Wolf 12 in my VZA Simone amp.

I'd also love to see their California series shot, as it is their take on the Fender/JBL. Hopefully the set would include the 12" in both a Twin or Deluxe cab and a Marshall 4x12 A and B cab (for the old Allman Bros sounds) as well as the 15" in a Dual Showman cab to get into Dick Dale territory (also popular with steel guitar).
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