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Periphery's Prototype Peavey Cabs


Misha and I talked about his rig yesterday before their Milwaukee show at a meet and greet. I asked him why he has switched to the Peavey cabs, and his reply was simply "because they are f***ing awesome." Peavey built him a 2x12 that has a V30 and a Creamback, and a cab that only does sub frequencies. Not like what Dimebag used to do with having a 2x15 on stage, but a legitimate subwoofer. Misha said he thought the woofer idea sounded stupid until he tried it and said its one of the best changes he's made to his stage rig in a while. Well last night, they let the audience climb up onto the stage for the last song, and I got to stand right in front of his rig, and I can attest that it did sound incredible with that woofer there. It added a fullness that I didn't realize was missing, I think because when you play djenty stuff you end up cutting a lot of low end, and the woofer brings back what's below the unpleasant "flubby" frequencies. I think that this could potentially become a "thing." What do you guys think?

Side notes:
-Mark and Jake also were using the Peavey 2x12s but only Misha had the woofer.
-Misha said he still loves the Zilla cabs but that they were very beat up from the road so he kept them at home this tour.
-I played Misha's blue quilt-top Jackson 7-string and it is absolutely heavenly.


Great review and great insight Teej!! Would love to have been there for that, just to hear their actual sound up close and personal. They're touring Australia soon so I might try and get a VIP ticket.. see what that offers. Awesome either way.


It already has been a "thing" - Rivera had their Los Lowbottom subs for guitar years ago, they never seemed to catch on though...
I think my point is that the "star power" that comes with Periphery using the gear could potentially make it catch on since most Periphery fans are gear nerds like myself. Guess we'll see though.


Know which Creamback he's using? H would make sense I guess... I was thinking of going to that mix or an M/H mix.
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