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  1. N

    Rewiring a Mono/Stereo Mesa 2x12

    I have a Mesa 2x12 horizontal rectifier cab (2FB) which I bought used several years ago. It has a non-standard wiring setup which is custom from the factory based on the jack plate: The previous owner swapped the original 4 ohm speakers for 8 ohm versions—hence the sticker indicating 16...
  2. X

    Matrix GT800FX to Axe II and Orange PPC 212

    Hey so I have a question about my current set up. I only recently started using my axe fx for live gigging and I want to make sure I'm using my gear to its fullest potential. At the moment, I'm running a single channel(Left unbalanced) into matrixgt800fx channel A The matrix is set to stereo...
  3. austinbuddy

    AustinBuddy's 3 NEW Cab Packs in Fractal Store - here are his favs

    Hi Fractal Friends: Fractal Audio is now selling three new Cab Packs created from multi-day sessions at Public Hi-Fi studios in Austin, Texas. In addition to some studio amps/cabs, most are from Austin Vintage Guitars super cool amp collection. Thanks to feedback from the forum, I included...
  4. Georgy

    Are there any FRFR solutions out there that can compete with a 2x12 + power amp?

    OK, let me re-phrase that.. Part 1... Curious to know if there are any FRFR solutions (passive or active) that can compare to a 2x12 cab + power amp (either valve or solid state)?? Part 2.. Those of you that can speak from experience, how does it compare tonally? And volume-wise? Thanks!
  5. Teej

    Matrix GT-1000FX Advice

    I have a GT-1000FX that I run with my Axe Mk II and wanted some advice regarding setting levels correctly so I don't blow a speaker cab. At my band's practice space I currently have a Seismic Audio 2x12 that has two 16 ohm Eminence Man O Wars in it. I re-wired them in stereo so the RMS wattage...
  6. Guitarjon

    Melodic, edge of break-up cleans, SM box, OH 212 3QTR and strings!

    Hey guys, It's time for something mellow, melodic and with a little emotion. I wrote and recorded this song a little while ago when I was trying out some new OwnHammer IR's from the new California Duo pack. The 212 3QTR cab is quite a special little gem that shouldn't be overlooked. For this...
  7. Guitarjon

    Q5.03 Recto riff hugeness playthrough video! (OH 212 ORNG)

    Hi guys, Just finished making this new video for y'all. Of course I'm using the brand new firmware with the Recto 1 modern red model for the rhythms, the old HBE for leads and the AD30 for the cleans. Loving the new firmware. I'm using one of my favorite OwnHammer cabs. It's the 212 ORNG which...
  8. B

    Axe-Fx w/ Cab lacking low end (HELP)

    Hi there! I know that this topic has probably been posted hundreds of times on this website but if anyone has any other links or posts that they've seen regarding this topic, that would be great Anyway, I just recently purchased an Orange 2x12 and I have been tinkering with the settings (on...
  9. Teej

    Cheap Cab Surprisingly Good

    So I needed a 2x12 for the band practice space because I was sick of hauling my Mission Gemini-2P due its weight, and I looked around at some second-hand shops. I ended up buying a cab that was made by Seismic Audio which someone had put Eminence Man O Wars in. I got it for cheap and when I...
  10. Teej

    Periphery's Prototype Peavey Cabs

    Misha and I talked about his rig yesterday before their Milwaukee show at a meet and greet. I asked him why he has switched to the Peavey cabs, and his reply was simply "because they are f***ing awesome." Peavey built him a 2x12 that has a V30 and a Creamback, and a cab that only does sub...
  11. Guitarjon

    New rock tune! 90's style? Ownhammer 2x12 Orange and Corncob grind!

    Hey all! I just uploaded this new track. I hadn't properly played guitar for about a month because of some hand issues I had going on. I'm back in the saddle again now so I had to make a new rock tune. So this track features a new cab by Ownhammer that is coming out in a day or 2 so stay...

    Cab Pack 23 Djents: "Vigorous Riffs"

    I just got my first 8-string guitar and it's a Jackson with Juggernauts on it. Holy crap that's a lot of strings! :D I have to say that the pickups are both clear and dark at the same time which is rarely the case. They're kind of balanced no matter where you play on the neck. I love the feel of...
  13. Guitarjon

    Reggae-rock! Auto wah, AC15 and new OH Vox 2x12 content!

    Hi everyone! It's a sunny day today here in Holland so it's a perfect day for some skankin' reggae! Disclaimer: the true reggae purists might argue that this isn't completely traditional reggae all the way through :) Anyway so Ownhammer is releasing a new Vox 2x12 extension cab today with the...

    2x12 kills a 4x12?

    After releasing Cab Pack 23: USA Citrus 2x12 I've had a few people ask me "what's the difference between the 2x12 versions of the USA and Citrus" and unsurprisingly it's a bit hard to describe by words. I thought I'd show it to you guys as there's no consistancy here at all. To me the USA 2x12...

    ML USA 2x12 and Citrus 2x12 Samples

    It's coming out "soon" for real guys. :) I just finished fixing the last tweaks to some Preset-Cab Bundles that will be included in the pack to get everyone started and while at it I recorded some clips using these presets. The "based on Mesa 2x12": Very modern. Crushing. Slight smiley face...

    Mesa 4x12 vs Mesa 2x12!!

    The first part of this clip is an old 4x12 Mesa Oversize cab (the one Cab Pack 13 is based on) and the second part of this clip is a semi-old 2x12 Mesa Rectifier cab (the one that'll be in the next Cab Pack with an Orange 2x12). Both cabinets have the same old "better" 70w real English...

    Bring on the sludge! (ML USA Citrus 2x12 Cab Pack)

    If you haven't heard yet this will be one of the next Cab Packs released by FAS. Read more here! It's based on two of the most popular modern 2x12 guitar cabinets: Mesa Rectifier 2x12 which you can hear on the left hand side of the mix with a Mark IV as the amp sim and an Orange PPC212 2x12...
  18. Georgy

    Who reckons their s.state power amp gives the same 'punch' as..

    Let me rephrase the question.. Who believes a solid state power amp (be it a Matrix or Behringer etc) can produce the same punch/air movement/'feel' etc etc, as their valve power amp/valve head through the same cab?? We're not talking FRFR here guys, we're talking non-FRFR. Curious to know...
  19. houstonwehaveuhoh

    Is the Ultra right for me?

    Hey everyone, New (potential) user here. I'm looking for a solution for my live rig, and have turned my attention to Fractal. My objective is to simplify my setup, mimic my current tone, and add an available tight, high gain (Mesa/JCM/Deizel) stage. Currently, my set up is: Guitar > Tuner >...
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