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Pedals lagging when CPU is around 92%


Power User
I noticed my whammy and wah started lagging.
I thought it was because either my controller and/or Axe-Fx were connected to USB.
This has happened in the past and could be solved by disconnecting either apparatus from USB.
But now this didn't work any more.

So I tried by deleting some blocks to free up ome CPU power.
That worked.
But as soon as I get at a CPU level of 92%, the pedals start lagging.
I feel that's rather soon.
Anyone else notice this?


Fractal Fanatic
That remaining 8% doesn't seem like much to work with, and my guess is that it is reduced when the pedals are manipulated. I don't think that 92% seems "soon".

I think this is normal behavior. But I could be wrong.


Fractal Audio Systems
That's normal. Audio processing is the highest priority. Once you exceed 90% that remaining CPU is divided up between the display, expression pedals, MIDI, etc., etc. Something has to give.
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