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Out of the loop for a long time...any plans for Fractal software sim like Helix Native?

Kamil Kisiel

I'm not sure how Neural DSP are "cornering the market" when there's at least 10 other direct competitors just in the plugin space alone. There's a lot of disadvantages to using a plugin instead of dedicated hardware, so I don't think they will displace hardware modellers any time soon. People said the same thing about VST plugins replacing hardware synthesizers back in the 90s, and today the hardware synthesizer market is probably the biggest it's ever been. Even modelling hardware or purely digital synthesizers are selling very well, despite the fact you could basically the exact same thing on a computer.
They are cornering the market by partnering with hardware companies and elite artists plain and simple. At a much higher rate than other competitors. Its not going to stop with Darkglass, Fortin, Plini, and Nolly. Other companies and artists are already in the works, and its just going to keep coming. Just because other companies exist, and have already put things out, doesnt mean they are competitive to Neural. I said that in 5 years, I predict a shift, where lots more guitarists will be faced with "should i shell out $1700-$2300 for an Axe FX or Kemper, or just get a Neural plugin to produce my next EP? Frankly, as an Axe FX user, had a standard, have an AX8, I can see how lots of potential buyers would rather cough up that money for a new guitar, and spend $99 on a Neural. Just sayin as my opinion, no shade on Fractal, great company. I just think it would be wise to consider putting something out there that at least offers a "buy what you want" suite where you can buy single blocks of amps, and effects to play inside of a plugin hub.


Many here will vehemently disagree but I still believe that FAS is doing itself and it’s customers a deep disservice by not offering a plugin. I have recently purchased some STL Tonehub packs and while the quality isn’t on par with FAS but it still sounds good and the convenience of it is amazing.
Reamping with the Axe FX is a pain in the ass.
The only disservice is leading customers on by saying in May 2016 that "Soon" there WOULD be an amp plugin. I think its important for a company to address the needs of users, and potential users with some answers. Its not asking for much, just a little transparency as a show of good faith. Its not a requirement or obligation for any company to be transparent, but its the nice thing to do. To lead people on, and not follow up, thats seems like they dont care about a specific demographic of customer base that has a specific need.
im pretty sure the reason is because once it goes into software it can be reverse engineered and other companies can figure out the special sauce. didn't Moorer get busted for doing that?
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