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My drummer and I playing a song from our second album (*), for the first time since 2008. We didn't rehearsed, and he didn't even practiced the song (or even listen to it) before coming at my studio - in fact, the goal of the session was to test playing with a click track and sequenced keyboards. So, there's lot of clams, specially during the instrumental break after the second solo near the end. Hope you'll enjoy this nonetheless !

The left and right guitar rhythm tracks are from the multitrack recording and were reamped through the Axe-Fx III. The vocals and keyboards are also from the original multitrack recording. I'm playing the central guitar track live - with one punch-in at the beginning of the second solo (the black & white part), as I forgot some parts.

(*) Feedback - A moment of transition, released in 2009
That's crazy!

Sounded good.

The singer reminds me of someone, but I can't figure out who... A little like Klaus Meine from Scorpions.
Necrobump ! I just recorded a guitar walkthrough of that song. In the link below it starts with the most interesting/challenging part but you can watch it from the beginning :

This song is "A moment of transition", Feedback's second album, released in 2009 - this song was written in the mid nineties though. After a 13 years hiatus, we're getting ready to hit the stage again, so I'm working/re-learning the songs ! Missing from the video is the melody during the outro, which I forgot to record. It's the same arpeggio part from the intro and somewhere later in the song

The guitars on the album were recorded with Amplitube 2 and sometimes a miked Marshall Valvestate ; the guitars in this walkthrough (left channel rhythm and leads) were re-recorded with the Axe-Fx III, and my Tom Anderson Angel, with 5 months old string (yes, I should be ashamed)
And another one !

Guitar parts for "Priceless innocence", a song first released on Feedback's first album in 1991, then re-recorded for "A moment of transition", the band's second album, released in 2009. All the guitars in this walkthrough were recorded with the Axe-Fx III ; I'm a terrible rhythm guitar player, with a band right hand technique, so it's a little bit sloppy ;)

I re-recorded all the guitar parts using two of my guitars from the nineties : a Vigier Excalibur Custom (all tracks except rhythm right channel), and a Jackson Professional (rhythm guitar on the right channel). I had sold those two guitars long ago, but bought them again last year, out of nostalgia. The Vigier received a new vibrato and has just been refretted, before that it was totally unplayable. It's my first recording with it since putting new frets (Dunlop 6000) on it. I'm considering changing pickups on it, the Benedetti are nice for clean tones but are too ice picky for high gain...
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