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Ooooh... Charts and Graphs

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Is that blue line [POS] helix or kemper?

Aliasing is as important as on screen
It’s alright when not much is going on
But watch a super high action and colorful scene (read that as a high Conspumption preset)and you’ll see why it’s important


If the Kemper has such bad aliasing, I'm wondering, how big of an impact aliasing really has, because of its highly praised sound quality.
If a sound is made and crafted suitable for the mix, it can be good. You can get even the worst sounds to work in a mix. Is it authentic? Maybe not. Depends on what you're looking for.

Not to mention every manufacturer claims that their product has the best sound quality.
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Not true at all.
There was some irony in there ;)

EDIT: what I like about Fractal Audio is that you provide data and graphs about the technology behind the product – free of charge. It's really educational and I've learned a lot. I feel like some competitors are bloating about their products without much proof, but marketing is like that sometimes.
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I cut and pasted all the data in here and sent to wife with subject "Here's why I need the AXE-FX III"

It's just that simple, folks. Wives love data.

my wife is into rocks and minerals and all that and she’ll always ask if I care if she gets this or that, stuff that’s like $20-$30. I’m like I don’t care how much you spend as long as we can pay our bills. Plus it’s your money. Do whatever you want. She doesn’t care one bit how much I spend on stuff. I’m pretty lucky like that. I have a Hollowbody 594 wood library on order, she didn’t even ask what it cost when I put down the deposit. I never even got to use my chart.
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Whenever I hear the word aliasing, I instantly think of Mister Mister - Kyrie. "… Kyrie eleison, down the road that I must travel". Which is almost never, because no one ever says aliasing. But my statement stands never the less.
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