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NGD Gibson LP bought from the money I made by selling all my analog gear!!!

This is a little victory for me, in more ways than one.

1. I've always wanted a blue burst Gibson Les Paul. It's probably my dream guitar!
2. I got sick of the money I was dropping on pedals, power supplies, cables and amps etc. So sold everything and went 100% digital with the Axe FX, it's the best thing I've ever done and with the cash I've made (managed to make more than what the Axe FX cost me), I bought the aforementioned 'dream guitar'!

I know that Gibson has a bad rep sometimes, but this particular build is fantastic, I'm very impressed, and it's a lot nicer to play than my 2013, which was considered a good year in terms of Gibson guitars. I'd say that this is my new favourite and it's definitely the dream guitar I imagined it would be!

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