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gibson les paul

  1. Anand Mahangoe

    Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555X + EV12L + FM3

    Hi Guys, Took me quite a while to figure out how to use my new Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555X amp. I am doing lots of studio recording (Eve Audio SC305 & Beyerdynamic DT770) and live we play most of the times In Ear Monitors. I love that sound , always stereo and really great band mix and no ear...
  2. C

    FS 1992 Gibson Les Paul Studio w Ebony Board - $1000 w Original Case

    1992 Gibson Les Paul Studio w Ebony Board. Nicely aged stock mainly (save for upgraded tuners) Been in the case for the most part for the last 10yrs off and on. Very little play from me. Previous headstock crack, professionally repaired by Healy Guitars in Easthampton Massachusetts. $1100 plus...
  3. basarozmen

    The Alan Parsons Project - "Eye in the Sky" Outro Solo (w/ TABS)

    Hello everyone, This is my second attempt to write some tabs for the fellow guitarists to play along. This time, I picked a song from the 1982 album "Eye in the Sky". Alan Parsons is one of my favorite musicians. I hope you like the video. I'd really appreciate any opinions on the guitar tone...
  4. diezel013

    "Parasite" - KISS Cover with the Axe-Fx III

    Let's get HOTTER THAN HELL!!! Had lots of fun on this "test run" with the new cameras and the Axe FX III. All guitars and bass recorded through Axe FX III. Rhythm guitars through the Hot Rod 800 model, and bass through the Ampeg SVT model, with some slight mods, eq and compression in the DAW...
  5. Rod_Gon

    Death - Crystal Mountain

    One of my favourite Death's songs. Some sloppy parts, but please, enjoy! R.I.P. Chuck...
  6. Igor Paspalj

    First time with Les Paul :)

    Hi everybody! I was never big Gibson Les Paul fan, but I took this one from a fellow band member for a spin, and I love it! Jam improvisation over awesome backing track from '' Elevated Jam Tracks" Gibson Les Paul Standard into Axe Fx 2 straight into Logic X pro. Hope You gonna like it :)...
  7. Mark Pritchard

    Bon Jovi - Bed of Roses Solo

    Using my Friedman BE 100 patch with a few tweaks.
  8. Mark Pritchard

    Friedman BE-100 & Vox AC30/ The Cranberries - "Zombie" Preset

    Hi all, Here is a Friedman BE100 C45 and Vox AC30 Preset I made with a Marshall 412 cab with V30's included. I'm using it in this video for The Cranberries - Zombie cover I done. Thought I'd do something different and play the vocal melody as well. Scene's 1-3 - the Friedman for the lead and...
  9. Mark Pritchard

    Top Gun Theme Tune (80's Rock) Preset

    Hi all, here is a quick simple preset I made for 80's rock, I thought I'd play a bit of the Top Gun Theme tune. I'm using the Marshall JVM orange channel with lots of Delay and Reverb for that 80's tone. Enjoy.
  10. Mark Pritchard

    Radiohead 'Creep' Preset

    Hi all, here is a Radiohead - Creep preset I made. There is no vocals in the video for copyright reasons. 2 Scenes: Scene 1 - Clean for the Verse Scene 2 - Distortion for the Chorus. Enjoy.
  11. Mark Pritchard

    Green Day - Holiday Preset

    Hi all, here is another simple preset I made for Green Day - Holiday. It has 3 scenes: Scene 1- Intro Scene 2- Verse and chorus Scene 3- Part before the solo and the solo. Thanks.
  12. Mark Pritchard

    Bryan Adams "Summer of 69" using Mokes custom preset

    Made a video of me covering Bryan Adams Summer of 69 using @Moke amazing preset with my AX8. If you haven’t checked his presets out, please do.
  13. drh11

    Leon Todd's LT New Recto Red

    I posted this music/photography video in the Axe-Fx II Recordings section but thought some people might be interested in the preset used. The patch was created by Leon Todd (Ragdoll) a number of months ago and was titled "LT New Recto Red" for AxeFx II. It was in his free LT Mesa Preset Pack...
  14. O

    80's vibe instrumental

    Still rocking on AXE FX II. :) Here's a short instrumental with Shiva cleans and leads. Pretty much untouched preset.
  15. Dynamic1022

    You Raise me up (Lena Park instrumental cover)

    For this recording i used all of my 3 guitars. The song starts soft and tender and comes to a climax at the end. Gear Fractal AXE FX2 XL+ Firmware 9.04 ( Using 3 different presets) Gretsch 5022 Rancher CE ( preset based on a fender super reverb and a Marshall jtm45) Fender Stratocaster HSS...
  16. Andrea Maccianti

    Dio "Holy Diver" Cover

    My humble tribute to the immense Ronnie James Dio. One of my favorite singers. In this video I used my #HolyDiver Patch. Unfortunately the quality of the base is not the best. I hope you enjoy and do not forget to ***SUBSCRIBE!!!***
  17. Andrea Maccianti

    9.02 // ATOMICA

  18. Andrea Maccianti

    WIZARD Patch

    Has 4 Scenes. Scene 1 - Crunch Scene 2 - Crunch + Drive Scene 3 - Lead 1 Scene 4 - Lead 2
  19. Andrea Maccianti


    PLEASE READ: On my 200th video, I decided to put the 3x2 pay 2 patches and the third (at your choice) is free. This offer will be valid until the next video. That is, next week. Thank you for your continued support. Has 5 Scenes + one of my own Custom Cabs. THE PATCH IT'S AVAILABLE. Is also...
  20. Andrea Maccianti


    Has 8 Scenes + one of my own Custom Cabs. THE PATCH IT'S AVAILABLE. Is also available for Ax8 already converted and ready to use. (FW 8.02)
  21. Andrea Maccianti

    Eric Clapton "Layla" Fender 57' Tweed Champ" Patch

    I want to pay tribute to 2 Legends. I started to play also thanks to them. Eric Clapton & Duane Allman (Derek And The Dominos) 1970. Has 4 Scenes + one of my own Custom Cabs. (FW 8.02)
  22. Andrea Maccianti

    Marshall Bluesbreaker

    Here I used my "A.M. Bluesbreaker" Patch. (FW 8.02) Later I will show the patch in detail. Has 8 Scenes + two of my own Custom Cabs. THE PATCH IT'S AVAILABLE. Is also available for Ax8 already converted and ready to use. Please contact me at: andreamaccianti@hotmail.it or on my Facebook page...
  23. Andrea Maccianti

    AxeFx2 JVM + Gibson Les Paul "Rock Fun Improv"

  24. Andrea Maccianti

    PHIL X Patch Inspiration

    Has 6 Scenes. Factory Cabs here. I hope you enjoy! :)
  25. Andrea Maccianti


    There are 2 separate patches. In the video you will find the link that will take you to the respective videos. In this video I used my Marshall Plexi 50w Jump for rhythmic minds for the lead, I used my Friedman SS100. I hope you enjoy! :)
  26. Andrea Maccianti


    My humble tribute to Journey and the great Neal Schon. I hope you enjoy guys! :D
  27. Andrea Maccianti


    Has 4 Scenes and it's available for Axe-Fx2/XL/XL+ and AX8. Custom IR included. The sound is not that of the album Victims of the Future (1983) but is inspired by Live at Montreux (2010) Classical Gary sound Gibson and Marshall :)
  28. Jonathan Thomas

    NGD Gibson LP bought from the money I made by selling all my analog gear!!!

    This is a little victory for me, in more ways than one. 1. I've always wanted a blue burst Gibson Les Paul. It's probably my dream guitar! 2. I got sick of the money I was dropping on pedals, power supplies, cables and amps etc. So sold everything and went 100% digital with the Axe FX, it's the...
  29. Andrea Maccianti

    Testing the FREE Brit 800 #34 By ML SOUND LAB

    Great Free Patch by @ML SOUND LAB. I left everything in default, I just added a slight delay. Stock Cab here. That's it :)
  30. Andrea Maccianti

    "MESA/BOOGIE IIC+ & MARK IV" (FW Q 7.02)

    Has 6 Scenes and User Cab included. THE PATCH IT'S AFFORDABLE. Please contact me at: andreamaccianti@hotmail.it or on my Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/andrea.maccianti
  31. Andrea Maccianti


  32. Andrea Maccianti

    AC/DC Improv Style Backing Track - Andrea Maccianti

    Patch used A.M. Marshall PLEXI 100 watts Jump. Ha 8 Scenes. Cab Pack 3 needed. Cab not included. I hope you enjoy! :)
  33. Andrea Maccianti


  34. Andrea Maccianti


    I also created this patch based on Splawn Nitro head 100 watts. Has 6 Scenes. The Patch is exactly as you hear it. No Comp, No EQs in post-production. All in direct. Cab Pack 3 needed. Cab not included. THE PATCH IT'S AFFORDABLE. Please contact me at: andreamaccianti@hotmail.it or on my Facebook...
  35. Andrea Maccianti


  36. Andrea Maccianti


    A classical improvisation over this ZZ Top Style Backing Track. Great fun! Here I used my A.M. Marshall JTM 45. This patch has 4 Scenes.Cab Pack 3 needed. Cab not included. ENJOY IT! :)
  37. Andrea Maccianti


  38. Andrea Maccianti


  39. Andrea Maccianti


    Amo Ozzy Osbourne, amo Randy Rhoads, Zakk Wylde and Jake E.Lee Spero vi piaccia! :)
  40. Andrea Maccianti


    I love this Band and I love this song! John Sykes on this record really did an excellent job. This Backing Track were no guitars, they are being recorded all by myself.
  41. Andrea Maccianti


    Here my humble tribute to one of my favorites! Mr. John Sykes!!! And one of the best solos that I've heard. The Backing Track it was made by me The Backing Track It was made by me except the keys that have been played by my pal Marco "Lord" Cossu.
  42. Andrea Maccianti

    John Sykes Patch - Out Of Love

    Qui mio modesto omaggio a uno dei miei preferiti! Mr.John Sykes !!! E uno dei migliori assoli che ho sentito. La base musicale è stata fatta da me. Divertiti! :)
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