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New Firmware 15 Factory Presets



Fresh start. Clean slate. New beginnings. Next adventure in wonderland. Expanded horizons.
XL provides me with a glorious playground of blank preset locations "Bank D" to work with.


/ringing hands
oh boy oh boy oh boy

Thanks again FAS!!


Fractal Fanatic
Been needing to just blow out my user cabs and start from scratch. Now I don't have a ton of user presets, but this is one of those things that gives me reason to just start from scratch. About 8 presets into it and I can't believe just how far this thing has come since it was released. :encouragement:

I don't have a lot of presets, but even a year ago if someone said that I would be willing to nuke them I'd say they were crazy. It's just so good from a baseline and I can dial in a patch to taste in minutes if I even have to turn a knob.
When I try and download 15.0 it downloads and says its 14.02. Ive tried it quite a few times with the same results. Also when I install 15.0 should I reinstall all of the presets with the 15.0 presets? Do the presets in my axe fx 2 update when the Firmware updates or do i need 15.0 presets??
Thanks ahead for any advice...
Love & Peace,


Wowza. Hopefully this isn't just my ears hearing what they want to hear, but on my first play through of the new bank A, virtually everything sounds fantastic. Definitely lingered on some amps I seldom play. Wowza wowza wowza.

Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems
I was working on the update when Dweezil called. (He's now on 15 release version for this tour that's just starting!) Anyway, I just finished and the link to v15 for the Mark II is now live on the web site.
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