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  • The forum doesn't utilize any form of feedback system for sales/purchases, so I'm leaving this profile post as a form of feedback instead.

    I made a trade with Jason (jjozwia), which can be a scary thing online, as no one is truly protected, but Jason is 100% trustworthy and one of the coolest people I've met out here.

    If you get the opportunity to make a deal with Jason in any form, do so with confidence.
    Hey, I'm doing a deal with Prima1234 and he said that you had done a deal with him before and I just wanted to check the reference. Thanks!
    eJozSoftware.com first released the Fedit MFC-101 Dump File Editor in January, 2013. Many enhancements have been made since then and we are proud to support the Original, MKII, and MKIII MFC-101 models running firmware 2.xx or 3.xx.

    To download the FeditV2 MFC-101 Dump File Editor for Windows, Mac, or Linux please visit our website:

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