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New ARES Firmware


Have you tried the new beta firmware? I do not know if it's a placebo effect, but I hear a very good improvement in the sound, especially in the SVT amplifier, my axefx was abandoned but with this update, I like it a lot again. it makes me think that the axefxIII would be great with the bass


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Any SV Bass preset correctly leveled (around -12 db) in firmware 1.x firmware will now clip in 3.x firmware with the new amp model -- be aware.
That is one of the main reason I have returned to Quantum in my FX... It is my backup unit, for playing I have now III, new SVT is completely different and I really struggled to make it cooperating.


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Quantum leap indeed. Resolution sounds more realistic. Only found one issue; I had to adjust my gates on rhythm tone. I was playing "mind spun" by animals as leaders and there was a tiny popping sound after each staccato note. Almost the sound you get when you touch pickups with a paperclip. Also went into i/o and turned output 2 gain to -10db because of clipping. Already had output 1 at -9db.
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