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Mark IIC+ short question


Hi, does anyone have any idea on how to recreate the effect of the bass pullshift?

I found I like it more with the deep switch off and bass pull shift on for some situations.



these are the notes i have from the 18.08 update; maybe the "bass pull shift" isn't modeled, if that's indeed different than the treble pull shift:

Added two new USA IIC+ models. There are now four models for this amp:
USA IIC+: Pull Bright off, Pull Deep off.
USA IIC+ Bright: Pull Bright on, Pull Deep off.
USA IIC+ Deep: Pull Bright off, Pull Deep on.
USA IIC+ Brt/Dp: Pull Bright on, Pull Deep on.
Note that the Pull Bright on the amp’s Volume knob is equivalent to the model’s Bright Switch under the Treble control and the Pull Shift on the amp’s Treble knob is equivalent to the model’s Fat switch under the Mid control.

Firmware 18.08 Released - Axe-Fx II | AxeFxTutorials.com


Oh thanks for your input!, but I was looking out for some info around the forums and came across this:

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Pull Shift under the Bass knob is not modeled since it doesn't sound good. Pull Lead is the channel switch. Push it in for clean, pull out for lead. The clean channel is not modeled as it sounds the same as the Mark IV clean.
Source: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-discussion/98524-usa-iic-bright-same-usa-iic-norm-bright-switch-active.html#post1189336

Cliff states that the bass pull shift was not modeled because according to him it doesn't sound good. This info is not on the wiki btw.

So I was wondering how can I recreate it by myself on the AXE using the EQs or something.


Put a Tilt EQ before the amp block with a frequency of 320 Hz and a gain of -3 dB. Set the Level to +3 dB.
Thanks Cliff for the tip.
By the way, the amp block interface has a cut switch which does the opposite of what the PULL SHIFT of the BASS knob does.
In the USA IIC+ amp model, the Cut switch has no effect.
Don't you think it would be cool to have this for all USA IIC+ models (and other Mark models too) :
-Cut switch ON : Bass knob pushed,
-Cut switch OFF : Bass knob pulled ?
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