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Wish Light blue for neutral state of all switches!


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Check this out, what if the MFC101 can use a simple FW update to add a bypassable if desired, a third color for ALL of its LEDs?!?! A light blue "neutral" state meaning every switch that doesn't have an assignment already ie green or red, would have the neutral state lit just to indicate where EVERY switch is located. You could easily see, in dark environments, every switch and there's no confusion between color states. I thought of this because I don't like the look of most kick tags and actually use a blank board from the factory. Would anyone else find this useful?


Unless the LEDs installed in the MFC support blue as a color, it's not possible with FW... It's a hardware limitation.


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Unless the LEDs installed in the MFC support blue as a color, it's not possible with FW... It's a hardware limitation.
Correct, unless....
But you never know, most LEDs can be programmed however desirable. I think the neutral state of most LEDs is actually a light blue color if I'm not mistaken. Either way, I think it's a great idea. Even better to have it bypassable if desired.


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So can't due to hardware limitations:(
Maybe neutral state can be a slight green slow pulsing type strobe?


Not that I'd be interested in this but what if you could trigger and illuminate both the red and the green diodes at the same time - you would end up with a yellow colour (color for anyone across the pond)


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I'm partially color blind and can't tell the Red from the Green apart. Blue would work for me, or even yellow as stated above as Active.


I like the idea of making yellow from Red&Green

But putting both LEDs on at the same time would double the light intensity unless the ability to dim is also there I think

Plus can the power over Ethernet cable cope with the extra demand if all LEDs could be potentially lit?
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