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Let's see those FM9 rigs!


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Nice! This is almost the exact rig i am gonna build, when Fractal get around to supplying the rest of the world.

A Rockboard 4.2? Very close for me, but will it fit a Sennheiser wireless underneath?

What do you think of the Misson expression pedal?
thanks! I do believe you could fit the senheiser underneath if you choose to mount it there. There’s quite a bit of room.

I’ve had mission pedals since I started with the AX8 years back. I prefer them since they feel a lot like my old cry baby wah pedal. Love them.

This is my first Rockboard pedal board. I had a Temple Trio for the ax8 and I didn’t love it. For the FM3 I have a NUX and it’s fantastic. I wish NUX made a board that would fit the FM9. I recommend the Rockboard, seems to be very high quality.
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