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Journey's "Who's Crying Now" using Mark Day's Journey preset Axe-Fx 3


I can't remember which preset it was but 4 years ago I was thinking about buying the axe fx 2. I had been watching the forums for about 6 months and it was mark day that posted a separate ways video using the axe 2 and that was what made me pull the trigger on the 2. Well on the axe 3 I joined the wait list right away and joined the fc 12 wait list. My name came up on the axe 3 but i decided to wait until i got the invite for the fc 12 as well. I received that invite but had decided that my axe 2 was fine....until....I saw marks new post on the axe 3 recordings of more journey stuff AND that he shared his preset. I ordered the 3 and fc 12 the next day. Thank you for being generous enough to share such an amazing preset Mark.


Thank you for the compliments. For me Neal Schon's solos are perfect guitar playing. Fits every song perfectly with whats needed without showing off Speed, Finesse, Melody, Mood, vibrato, Feel, Sexyness, Timeless, and Technique. I think he and David Gilmour are in a class by themselves.


Sounds nice, great job.

It was one of Mark's Ain't Talkin Bout Love videos that helped push me over the top to get a V1 Axe Fx Ultra. I wonder how many units have been sold just because of Mark's videos? I'd like to see someone post a poll for that.


@Mark Day was a huge influence on my original purchase of the Axe-Fx Ultra many years ago, and he continues to be a huge influence in the community. Great player and a great guy, all around.


New here
This has always been my favorite Journey solo. It has a beautiful, melodic singing quality about it. Journey is one of the great American rock bands. Underrated!!
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