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How much memory does the AX8 have?


So, everyone is kinda down over at the Axe FX II forum because the Mark 1/2 may not get any more free firmware upgrades because of the lack of memory. It got me thinking, how much memory does the AX8 have for future firmware upgrades? I can't seem to find an answer to my question if i search, either! The same amount as an XL?

Lastly, i just need to praise Fractal Audio for their work on their products. I've gotten years out of my old Ultra, and still sold it for a fair amount of cash, and now i'm probably gonna get years out of my AX8 as well, just because of these free updates. Seems like "free updates" is not something you get nowadays, with video games having paid DLC from day one for example. Can't really find the words to tell you how satisfied i am with your products and support!

Fractal Audio, and especially you, Cliff! You Rock!


I understand your curiosity,
But I REALLY think that this is a useless thing to worry/speculate about, and hope that all the bullshit posting on the topic stays in those 3 threads on the AXEFXII section.


Fractal Fanatic
I agree this is a touchy topic not worth the breath.

If you had to speculate, note that the AX8 and FX8 are much newer products and were designed when the firmware was already as large as it is. This is unrelated, but they also have much longer looper times than the rack products.


Yes, and i did not post this thread out of fear, or anything, i'm just genuinely curious.
And yes i agree, let's keep the shitposts to a minimum!

As a former ultra owner, I think most of us are aware that one day, the AX8 will also be left behind as a legacy product, you can't keep a business afloat by providing free updates forever... But that doesn't mean the product is bad, just because it's left behind. My ultra's new owner is very happy with the tones he's getting with it!

Edit : Haha, okay cliff, thanks for the quick reply!
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