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Just wanted to share that yours truly is among the many musicians from Africa featured in this great book, available on Amazon :


The author, Edward Banchs, visited my country, Mauritius, along with 6 other African countries. « Edward Banchs holds a BA in Political Science from Florida Atlantic University, and an MA in African Studies from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies. His research on rock and metal in Africa has been featured in several publications, including The Guardian, O Globo, This Is Africa, Noisey Vice, and FactsMag. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA. Heavy Metal Africa is his first book. »

A sightseeing trip in southern Africa in 2007 opened the author's eyes to an uncharted music scene in an unexpected place: rock and metal, alive and raging in the forgotten continent. Sparked by his own love of heavy music and an insatiable wanderlust, Edward Banchs travels throughout South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion and Zimbabwe meeting the musicians and fans who, working with varying degrees of infrastructure and resources, pursue this music with a drive and passion recognizable to metal fans anywhere in the world.

From cafes in Madagascar to quiet, dusty towns in the middle of the Kalahari, Edward seeks to understand exactly how the musicians live and struggle while experiencing the passion of rock and metal in Africa for himself. Along the way, he discovers the Africa he never learned about in books, leaves one country in tears, avoids fisticuffs with someone convinced he was spreading Satanism, visits Africa's largest slum, contracts malaria, and even makes a bit of history in the process. All in the name of heavy metal!

With a scholar's curiosity and a headbanger's enthusiasm, Edward sheds light on the history, accomplishments and aspirations of African metal bands living their passions, and defining their generation the only way they know how: loudly.

A great read for anyone curious about the metal scenes in the country visited, and some political history of those countries too !
That is so cool! The only music you ever hear coming from Africa is ethnic world music and that upbeat Soweto stuff. The idea that heavy metal is alive and doing well in Africa brings a smile on my face. \m/
Great ! In advance, I apologize from the silly and insensitive joke I made when I had just met Edward - I'm shy and just wanted to break the ice (you'll know what I mean when you'll read it)
And a few clips from my band feedback, in chronological order.

1988 (playing with a Rat II pedal and a Gallien Krueger 250 ML):

1998 (playing with a Zoom 9050) :

2008 (Laboga Rad III amp in 4CM) :

2016 (song released in 2009 but re-recorded with Axe-Fx II) :

As you can, while the hair gets shorter, the guitar sound gets better.
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