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G3 Tucana Dynamics


Here's a little clip I did with the new G3 Tucana model to show you the amazing dynamic range this amp provides. I cranked the gain fairly high just to show how clear the notes remains, you can't hide behind massive gain settings anymore. You can hear every notes...and mistakes!! Simple patch here, amp, cab delay and reverb, that's it. No boost or drive pedal, just the amp gain. It feels as good as it sounds!! Amazing update!!


One of the best amps in the world IMO. I have a Dumble and a Trainwreck and various other boutique amps and the Tucana is better than all of them.
Can't agree more! The pick attack is massive on this model! It has a British flavor to it, yet it sounds modern at the same time. One of my favorite with the Friedmans!


Fractal Fanatic
Great... Looking forward to the OD2 in G3 format. Killer amp imho.

I used Axe-Edit tonight. Not one hickup... Mac 10.6.8


To me, this is just about the perfect guitar tone. I've had it in my head all day and just came back to listen again. Wow. Great playing too - great feel.
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