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FW12 Friedman HBE ***Sunset Strip*** (Ratt/Motley/Dokken/Skid Row…)/w/PATCH!


hey guys! Rocco here! the Friedman HBE sim has always been my go to amp for my 80s rhythm patches , I just can't get enough of this sick beast :) just updated/tweaked my old patch with FW12, and it sounds MEAN! a lot more open and articulate, you can really feel massive improvements on the pick attack …nothing better than some old school "sunset strip metal" for ya 8)

DOWNLOAD PATCH HERE: Axe-Change - Download Preset - HBE Sunset Strip - by RoccoPezzin

EDIT: I've made a quick video to let you hear the patch in a song context ;)
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thanks! Ive literally been playing hungry for 2 years since Mark Day posted his famous hotel room jam, with HBE. I still love his tone the best, yours is close.
Well that is one damn sexy HBE tone. I will have to re-visit the amp post-12.

I'm going to be writing some electronic music until my new bass comes in - an Ibanez BTB675. But now I'm going to have to fire up the Axe and toy around. Thanks for the inspiration!

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Is that a Duncan Distortion I'm hearing? It sure sounds like it... maybe a JB? Anyway, great tone and great playing! Two thumbs way up!


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Dude, you always come up with the best presets. You have to be Warren DeMartini and secretly on the forum. :) I've downloaded this and getting ready to throw it into my unit. I'll be playing my Charvel Warren DeMartini "Skull and Blood" Signature guitar and might even throw on some eyeliner and some scarves to add to the effect. :)
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