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fw Q4 | DOKKEN | Unchain The Night | FULL COVER w/vocals (patch included)

I listened to the original and this one is far better. Great job. I would love to play along to this song. Off to find the backing track.
thanks man! I can send you the track without guitars if you like (with or without vocals), just write me down your email address!


Holy Smokes!!! .... Nailed the whole song!... Guitar tones were spot on,... I was actually picking apart the guitar tones on "I'm the Hunter" this morning, just amazing tone.


What is up guys!
I've teamed up with Vale again for another 80s classic (and one of my all time favorite songs/albums), Unchain the night by Dokken! As usual I've re-built the thing from the ground up, including the intro with my sh**ty 90$ acoustic lol :D hope you dig it!

Here's the patch (guitars have been post processed a bit with some EQing but it's a really nice patch to begin with imo). I'll add some screenshots for the non-XL+ users!
View attachment 34562 View attachment 34563 View attachment 34564
Just PERFECT! Bravo!!!


Good work Rocco. You prove its not the cost of the guitar in your hands but the hands on the guitar that matter.


would love this track too Rocco tas9195@gmail.com
? I downloaded the patch and converted it with fractool for the mk II but it doesn't have very much gain almost clean do you know what might be missing. I matched it to your screen shots and everything matches.


just sent it! that's weird, dunno what the problem might be!
Thanks so much for the BT. I don't know what happened either I doubled checked with screenshots so everything is right. I had this problem once before when I bought the preset pack for scale the summit album and chris couldn't find out what was causing it. No one else had that problem. I don't know if it is a setting or something but this was a basic preset I don't know why all the other presets I have work fine. A little frustration
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