Fryette LXII New Poweramp...Any update about launching date??

I think he abandoned the whole endeavor and just focused on making a very similar power amp for Synergy

that's a few hundred more than the LXII was originally advertised for an d no switch to go flat or enhanced like the original design. :(
I’ve heard some not-so-positive reviews of the SYN5050 so that’s a bummer if true.

I remember on the tonetalk episode he was on, if I recall it correctly, he stated he would take on too many projects at once and it would then take ages for any one to hit the market. That being said the LXII was announced in like 2012.

Stephen Carpenter has two in his rack, so we at least know they work well enough to tour with. And there was one in the giant rack that Fryette brought to NAMM.
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